Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the Difference between your product and the products I can get from the local hardware store and the big box stores?”

“I want to stain my wood, can I still get that stained look with a preservation treatment?”

“What if my deck looks darker than the tint I chose?”

“Why haven't I seen your product in consumer reports?”

“What has to be done to my deck before you preserve it?”

"How do you strip a deck?"

“How long do I need to wait to use my deck after it is treated?”

“My contractor would not treat my deck after construction, should I wait as he advised or treat it now?”

“Do I need to be home when my deck is treated?”

“How long does the process take?”

“Do I need to remove my patio furniture from the deck?”

“How will I be billed?”

“Wouldn't building a new deck be cheaper than having my old one treated?”

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